April 7, 2011

The Skinny on Beef

Grass-fed Beef     

ore natural flavor thus eliminating the need to season or marinade before cooking. The taste of the beef will vary depending on what type of grass the cow grazes on and the region of the country it is raised in, but overall grass-fed beef is the wiser healthier choice.Grass-fed beef is part of a new trend or revolution if you will, moving some cattle ranchers away from the long time standard method for which their cattle meat is raised and processed. Cattle are being fed grass instead of soy, corn, anitbiotics and the accidental consumption of pesticides. Grass-fed beef is not only healthier for us from the standpoint of not containing all the unwanted chemicals, but what it does contain is less saturated fat than conventionally processed beef and is higher in omega 3 fatty acids, the healthy fat found in fishes like salmon. And because there is less water in the grass-fed beef, less meat needs to be eaten in order to satisfy hunger. The beef also contains m

For mor information on this trend check out Time Magazine’s article titled The Grass Fed Revolution at http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1200759,00.htm

Cuts of Beef

1. Tender cuts: These cuts are suitable for roasting, grilling, sautéing or broiling.
          Delmonico, New York, Porterhouse, rib roast, rib eye, sirloin, T-bone, tenderloin.

2. In-between cuts: With a little bit of preparation these cuts are good for roasting, grilling,  sautéing and broiling.They are also suitable for pot roasting, braising or stewing.
 Cross-rib, hanger steak, shoulder, sirloin tip, skirt, tri-tip, flat iron. 
 3. Least tender cuts These cuts are only suitable for roasting, braising or stewing.
Arm roast, Bolar roast, brisket, bottom round, round, rump, and stew.

Tips for Cooking Steak 

Now that we are coming to the time of the year when we start firing up our grills for outdoor cooking, check out this video from America’s Beef Producers on how to cook a steakhouse steak in your home!


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