When I was in grade school, I use to watch 'The Galloping Gormet" with Graham Kerr as he made dish after dish, whizzing it into the oven then within seconds, he'd turn to pull out the finished product and of course not without a few laughs. Skip ahead to the sixth grade and my teacher had asked her students to bring in their favorite recipe from home. She made ditto copies of all of them and we created a class cookbook to give to our mothers for Mother's Day that year. I have the book, tattered as it is, in my kitchen today. (See picture) This little cookbook was so user friendly to me at the time, that I started making the recipes my classmates submitted and thus was born my passion for food and cooking.

My love for cooking continued to grow and when I got to junior high I had to take a class called Home Economics. It had nothing at all to do with house finances, it was all about cooking and sewing and how to make yourself look pretty! (Well it was the '70's!) Anyhow my favorite component of the fore mentioned was of course the cooking part. And the one thing I did discover was that I could bake! I would make all kinds of cookies and pastries, but the thing I learned how to make in that class, which is something I still take pride in making to this day, is my pie crust!

As a mom and registered nurse, I now cook for my family and I have fun trying healthy new recipes and flavor combinations from different ethnic dishes. This blog is all about sharing recipes I am passionate about and in turn I'd like you to share your recipes with me! So together my hope is that we can make this blog a great resource for finding wonderfully different recipe ideas with only a click of the mouse!

If you have a recipe, a favorite wine, or an idea to share, please feel free to email me.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Barbara Curran R.N. 

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