April 3, 2011

Quick and Easy Strawberry Trifle

If you are looking to impress your guest then this incredibly easy trifle recipe is a sure fire way to do just that! Last evening I had a few friends over for dinner and this is what I served for dessert. I was running short on time but I didn't want to serve a store bought item for dessert, so instead I bought an angel food cake, strawberries, instant pudding, sour cream and Cool Whip topping and in about 15 minutes times I had created this beauty!


1 angel food cake
1 lb strawberries hulled and sliced
Instant vanilla pudding
1 c. milk
8 oz sour cream
1 regular size container of Cool Whip topping
1 Tsp. grated orange rind


Cut the angel food cake into bite size pieces and place half in the bottom of your bowl. (You can use the trifle bowl as I did or you can used any type of clear glass bowl.) Then add the milk to the pudding, blend and let sit for one minute until it thickens. Then add the sour cream and orange zest and mix well. Blend in all but 2 full tablespoons of the Cool Whip...this you will reserve to use as topping.
Next layer one half of the pudding mixture over the cake pieces and then top with half of the strawberries and then repeat. Once the rest of your strawberries have been added top with your dollop of reserved whipped cream. You can top with one whole strawberry!


Here's another idea...to create a festive look for either Memorial Day or Fourth of July gatherings, you can add blueberries for a patriotic look!

And you can lower the fat and calories by using skim milk and both low fat sour cream and whipped topping!

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