February 24, 2011

The Dirty Martini

Since I am a salt addict, it didn't come as any surprise to me that I'd absolutly fall in love with my very first "Dirty" martini! To me this was the original flavored martini. Using the brine of a jar of good quality olives will make a difference in the taste of your martini. You can also buy olive juice in your local grocery or liquor store depending on where you live. And if ordering this in a bar, specify how "dirty" you'd like your cocktail. This will let the bartender know how much olive juice to put your martini!

Bottoms up!!!

6 fluid ounces vodka
1 dash dry vermouth
1 fluid ounce brine from olive jar
3 stuffed green olives
In a mixing glass, combine vodka, dry vermouth, brine and olives. Pour into a glass over ice. Either drink on the rocks, or strain into a chilled cocktail glass

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