September 9, 2013

Dining in the French Quarter ~ Cafe du Monde

One the main places I was told to make sure I visited for just coffee and one of their famous Biegnets, was Cafe du Monde located in the French Quarter. So today I took a troll down to try one of these wonderful French donuts. It was serve hot and was roughly about a dollar and some change for three of them. believe me 2 was enough for this gal!

The cafe itself is easily identified by their quaint green and white striped awning. You can dine under the awning or inside the cafe.

Inside you just find yourself a seat and one of the waitstaff will promptly come on over to take your order.
The Beignet is serve hot with plenty of powdered sugar on top!

OK so here's the skinny on these French donuts...there ain't nothing skinny about 'em!!! But they are in fact, absolutely delicious!!! You will want to walk to Cafe du Mode just you can burn off the extra calories on the way back to your hotel!

You can even bring a little of the cafe home with you!

Visiting Cafe du Mode id definitely part of the  New Orleans experience you definitely don't want to miss.

The cafe is located on 
800 Decatur Street
New Orleans 70116

and at
500 Port of new Orleans
Ste. 27
New Orleans 70130


  1. What a wonderful place to dine! Glad you are having fun, guess Chris is taking care of the kiddles and home front? xo

  2. Aren't they divine? I've only been to NOLA once, but my dad used to travel there quite often for work. He'd always bring back the Cafe du Monde beignet mix for us. I was able to experience this place in person while I was there. Unfortunately, I was also introduced to the infamous "Hurricane" that week....yikes!



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