March 29, 2011

Travel - Greece


The Greek Isles have to be one of the most beautiful places in the world and Santorini was probably our favorite spot we visited during our travels through Greece. Santorini is actually the caldera of a still active volcano with the last small eruption occurring in 1950, and, as you can see many of the homes are situated on the collar of the caldera. Once you arrive in Santorini, usually by ferry, you are immediately greeted by an on slot of Santorinians offering potential villas for accommodations. And when you have made your decision as to where to stay there are a slew of taxis waiting to zip you off to your new Grecian abode. We loved our villa and Santorini so much we extended our stay there by 2 days.

Sunset from our villa in Santorini


Another favorite spot that we enjoyed a lot was a region in Athens called Plaka. This is a small historical neighborhood of neoclassical architecture and is situated right below the Acropolis. If you walk down the cobbled streets in this quaint section of Athens; you can hear music and laughter, the sound of classes clinking and the smell of extraordinary foods being prepared! And oh the food in Greece is something truly special!

The Acropolis Architecture

The fresh vegetables, garlics, red sauces, fish and meats are both beautiful to the eye and a festival of flavors for the mouth! One of my favorite things to eat while in Greece where Dolmades which are grape leaves wrapped around a filling of rice or grain and a mince meat, usually lamb. They can be serve warm or cold but I prefer them warm with a light egg and lemon sauce...simply wonderful! 

Being serenaded by my then fiancée Chris in a restaurant in Plaka

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