March 9, 2011

Nothing to "Wine" About...

What is it about wine that I love it so much? I love red wines and white wines...even a few of the rose wines I've tried. I wonder if it is a genetic sister loves wine too. 

Wine has been around for over 2000 who came up with the idea to make wine and why?
Is it something in our civilizations, our foods, the agriculture of our land, or is it in our make up as human beings that wine has been around and evolving for thousands of centuries? I’ll bet that just about every country on this planet produces wine.

We use wine to both celebrate and is connected to most all social gatherings. Wine is said to be a “living” substance...always changing as it is exposed to air and "breathes".

So you can have your beers and your fancy mixed cocktails...I'll stick with my wine.

“Wine is Life...the rest is just details!”

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