February 17, 2011

Pomegranate with Sliced Banana and a Lime and Brown Sugar Drizzle

One fruit which has been in the headlines as far as having antioxidants and wonderful health benefits is the age old pomegranate. I had never had this tart flavored fruit until last year. Actually what you eat are the seeds of the fruit. Brightly colored and deep red seeds which can be a bit tricky to extract from the fruit, but what you get back is well worth the effort. I usually de-seed this fruit using a large bowl or pot filled with water. These juicy seeds tend to squirt as you pull them off their membranes and you can end up with both a counter to and shirt full of juice sprays. Opening them under the water eliminates the risk of the seeds making a big mess.
This recipe is so easy and quick, not to forget the abundance of  potassium, vitamin C and fiber it packs.

All you need is half a banana and the seeds of half of one pomegranate. Slice the banana and place on plate, then pour your seeds over the top. In a small bowl, mix together 1 T of fresh lime juice and 1-2 T of brown sugar, it should have a syrup-like consistency. You can adjust these amounts depending on whether you prefer a more sweet or more tart dish. I like the sweet because it balances out the pomegranate's tartness. 

Then pour the mixture over your fruit and enjoy!

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