October 21, 2013

A Positively Perfect Pumpkin Russian

Here's another super delicious way of celebrating Autumn with one of my favorite flavors of the season, pumpkin. Only this time it is in  liquid form. Look at that fabulous pumpkin color...don't you just want to pick up the glass and take a sip right now?

This tasty adult treat was made with both pumpkin and coffee liqueurs, plus some pumpkin vodka and light cream.

Here are the amounts you need to make a perfect Pumpkin Russians.

1 part coffee liqueur
3 parts Pumpkin liqueur
1 part vodka
1 part light cream ( I used fat free and it still tastes yummy)

I then put it in my cocktail shaker with some ice and shook my little heart out!. But you can easily mix it and then pour it over some ice...either way it is still scrumptilly-ishes!

You can even go ahead and garnish the drink with a spicy cinnamon stick!

This is definitely on my radar for a very Happy Halloween night!


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  1. I have everything I need to make this!!!!! I have FF half and half, I'm sure it will work! And vanilla vodka. xo

  2. This cocktail looks yummy and so pretty! I'm making this one soon too! Thanks for sharing Big hugs,

  3. Oh, I'm also your newest follower...I hope you want to follow back! Thank you.

  4. Oh honey, this is now on my to make list!!! I love anything pumpkin ans will definitely love this!!!! Thanks!!!

  5. I must say you've introduced me to something new, pumpkin liqueur. This combination certainly sounds interesting enough to try.

  6. I have a similar recipe for a pumpkin martini, so good!!

  7. I have pumpkin soup, that one is really delicious. Is pumpkin cocktail a healthy food guide??


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