March 23, 2011

Travel - England

Prince Albert Square, London, England

When we went to England we actually rented a flatt in James Gate, London for three days with our good friends Barb and Tom. It was really pretty cool, very British! We walked all about London, shopping, eating and making sure that we "Mind the Gap" whenever we traveled  the "Underground". And when it came to food, my husband was definitely not shy. The first night in England Chris decided to try a traditional British dish Bangers and Mash, also referred to as "Pub Grub" The Bangers are a sausage made of pork or pork and beef. The seasoning in the bangers gives the sausage a completely different flavor then that of the Italian or breakfast sausage here in the States. And the mash is simply short for mashed potatoes. Sometimes this dish is served with a rich onion gravy and is often serve with fried onions.

As for the rest of us...well we stuck to the traditional British fave of fish 'n chips!!!

Changing of the Guards, Buckingham Palace

Big Ben, London, England

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