February 7, 2011

Restaurant Review

UpDate on The Junction 
157 Main St
Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889
(908) 534-6900

Closed in Spring of 2011
 Last evening my family dined at a restaurant in Whitehouse Station NJ calld The Junction. We arrived at about 7:40 in the evening for dinner. We were promptly met by the hostess and taken to our table. The interior of the restaurant is very nice with a rustic feel. We were seated by the window so the kids could watch the trains go by. The Junction was formally known as Flamango's until 2008 when television's Gordon Ramsay took his crew to the restaurant to film an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, a show in which Gordon himself goes to failing restaurants and helps the owners revamp their eatery to improve their business.

I can't help but to believe that The Junction must have abandoned Ramsay's menu suggestions and reverted back to their old ways. Although the food choices appeared moderately appealing, the meat filled ravioli dish I chose was anything but flavorful. And from our time of our arrival until our dinners hit the table, one hour had ticked off of the clock and it was already 8:35. Prices of the entrees simply do not reflect the quality of the food at The Junction. The wait staff was pleasant enough but they had to have recognized that myself, husband along with our two small children were sitting there for an inordinately long time, and no apology was extended to us for the delay. Also, when we were asked if everything was fine with regards to our dinners, most of mine still sitting on the plate, I responded that my dinner was bland and refused the good old doggie bag, absolutely nothing was said to me in response. We were just given our bill of $80 and were bid a "Have a nice night".

I give The Junction two thumbs down and I truly do not plan to visit the establishment again. It's a shame because the location and the appeal of the building is perfect to attract new customers, but after eating there last night, I find it hard that they are able to stay afloat!    

Rating   ** out of 5

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